life cycles of the bloom

Another tough day to get through.

Work has got me completely.  Struggle with meeting goals & deadlines with getting top quality & going through all appropriate steps. Frankly at the moment I feel beat.

Which isn’t a new feeling at the moment.  I’m feeling beat in most areas of my life.  Keeping going but feels like more of a treadmill than running towards a goal.

Steps along the way I am learning more and more about just how solo the road is.  Thankful for the friends and family who care and who recognize me for me instead of just as what I can do for them as they travel down their roads.  I know we all live & die alone, but at times the best things in life can be a smile & a hug.  Have to cherish the moments we have before they are all over.

Once the azalea blooms and falls, the bush lives on, but it just isn’t what it once was.  No more cause for admiration or celebration.  Still it does its part to add a peaceful calm to the yard.

Hoping that another spring comes and finds me blossoming, but for now all I feel like doing is resting & waiting for another day.


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