Essence of Ali

yes. believe it or not I am alive.  I know I haven’t posted as often as I had been, but its harder to do since the laptop went kaput.

The added expense of Baxter’s emergency vet visit didn’t exactly help the situation.

Still life goes on.

Thankfully he is doing fine. Finishing up the last of his meds (thanks to peanut butter) & no longer in a bandage, which makes him very happy.

Tomorrow might be pay day, but I don’t see a splurge on the horizon.  As much as I would love to run out & snag a new laptop, phone, clothes & all those other things I think I NEED, I recognize they are not needs.  I’ve been blessed to live & grow up in a world of luxuries and excess.  I’m used to being spoiled. So dealing til I get the dollars shouldn’t be a battle I can’t face.  I have my Kindle Fire, the computer at work & the phone still works even if not reliably.

Feels strange being less in the loop.  Less connected makes me feel less connected.  Living alone feels more alone.

Maybe I am just missing my family more & realizing how much things change so quickly.  Hard to remember the days where I lived with another & family visited filling these walls with chatter and leaving us all wishing we had more room to move about.    Now even with the birds chirping & yelling, the pug snoring & snorting, it still feel deathly quiet at times.  Like a tomb enclosing my world.

Leaving me wondering what I really am doing here.

Do I really need these devices to feel connected to life?

If so, does that make me modern, or a manic?



One thought on “Essence of Ali

  1. Let me know when you find the answer too that question.

    I am also “transitioning” back to single life again and really deciding what is important in my budget. $90 for cable is just not hitting on my “need” list, so I think Netflix and an antenna is the way I am going too go. Will my life be that much less without Bravo (I love Bravo), and will Sugar feel short changed as the only dog being left without animal planet playing? I don’t think so, we will survive. NOW THE $100. A month to keep this red hair cut and colored, NOW THAT IS A PRIORITY!

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