So my phone is a total piece.  And I’m not talking of art.  Its been freezing up & demanding more & more space daily.  The kicker is alerting me that I have text messages coming in that its rejecting due to low space…. but it has enough space to tell me THAT! Don’t ever do that to a girl, especially a single girl!  I am going to go nuts wondering! Who, what.. did I miss some confession, some rejection, some major pieces of information or invitations?  I will never know.  I don’t have space.

Also my laptop has gone from ailing to comatose to needing to just be cremated.  It was with me for far more years than it should have been & it loved me well.  It will be missed terribly.  In lieu of flowers, mourners can donate to the fund to bail me out of jail as I go batshit crazy.  Hoping that I can organize a plan to get a new one soon, but at the moment I can not justify spending that kind of cash.

Don’t even ask me about replacing the phone.  Steam will seriously come out all facial openings and you may get burned.  Its not worth it with the state of health insurance coverage these days!  Why something is free or low cost once every 2 years but cost as much as several car payments any other time, even if you have been a customer for years is BEYOND my comprehension.

So how do I communicate now?

I am still figuring that one out.  If my Kindle Fire goes out or my iTouch, I am seriously just going to walk right out into the waves.

For anyone who doubts the power of Mercury on a Virgo in retrograde can just live in my world for one cycle!

Talk about technical difficulties.  But like most challenges we face, there are ways to cope and overcome.  Soon I will have the chance to get everything working again or replaced.  Even if I do have to wait til after April comes!


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