Why the Nerve of Some People!

Occasionally I have to stop & wonder why on earth I do the things I do.

LOOOONG couple of days at work have me pooped.  I love what I do but at times people just drive me nuts.  There are some days I am overwhelmed with how amazing people are and how many stories there are to tell then there are days like the ones I have had recently when it seem everyone tells nothing but stories & has something to hide.  So grateful for the good people in this world.

Especially grateful for some time away from work to recharge.  Spend time with friends and on my own life.  As they say those that don’t take care of themselves can’t very well help anyone else.

Weekends are the oxygen masks for our souls.  We can choose to give up and help others while we get weaker or we can slap that puppy on & breathe to live another day.

I’m inhaling deeply.

…and perhaps going to make a sign for the door at work!

Which I know is not nice but still.  Enough is enough sometimes.  Its almost like people forget they are dealing with other people.

So this weekend I am going to cherish the time I have with nice people.  Dream a few dreams and maybe commit a few random acts of kindness in the name of bringing in some positivity in this world.  It surely needs a bit more of it desperately.

Remind myself that not everyone is out for themselves at the expense of others and not everyone I meet has an angle.  Sometimes they just need a smile and a bit of room to breath.


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