Rocking Out in Red

Delayed post.  Sorry. Crazy weekend surprising my parents with a visit & slight restricted computer wise.  I ripped my power cord for my laptop & had to order a new one.  LOVE the Kindle Fire, but as far as blogging goes its a tad limited.  Then again that isn’t what it is intended to do, so I am perfectly fine with that.

As they say the best laid plans….

So I am LATE on my 10 on 10 post & I had intended on posting on time for the ROCK THE RED PUMP project.

I wore the shoes to work on Friday!

Love them & seemed so did everyone else.

I stood in solidarity with other women across the nation on Friday & Saturday in raising awareness in the benefits of getting tested for HIV/AIDS.  Prevention is key, but also is knowing your status.  The sooner you know the sooner you can get care & the less likely it will be the death sentence that it once was.  Plus then you are better able to protect those you love.

The best part – it is easy.

Needles are NOT fun & I am the world’s worst for passing out.  Honestly the sight of a needle makes me queasy.  So if I can do it, anyone can.  It is hard to wait for the results.  Even as someone who is safe, you start to doubt & wonder.  The “what if” game will drive you nuts.  But isn’t that what you are doing by not being tested? The difference is when you are tested, you get  the answers and you can plan the reaction to the results.  Be that a celebratory strut or getting support to deal.

As well as the National Rock the Red Pump day, it was also time for another 10 for 10 donation! Love these days of the month.

In honor of the spirit of the day, I went with an organization that I stand beside in support.  They offer HIV testing & reasonably priced care for those who need it and might otherwise be prevented from getting it.

yes I am supporting Planned Parenthood.


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