Like Orange Tic Tacs

ImageSaw a post today where its been 15 years since Notorious BIG was murdered.  My first thought was they are joking right? Then I got to thinking… guess it has been that long! Where did the years go?  I remember when the first guy I lived with & thought I would be with forever (ha ha… I was struck back then) got Ready to Die.  We rolled all over town in his black Prelude with those big speakers filling up the trunk pounding.  The way the seats vibrated to the beat.  The way it felt knowing every word to every song but not even knowing the names of the songs… it was on repeat for months.  The only time he didn’t play it was when he would have some Wu-Tang CD playing.  I remember thinking how I would never be listening to this if I didn’t care so much for him. 

Truth is I fell in love & frankly it hasn’t ended yet.  I miss those days with Biggie’s voice and the infectious bounce.  Course the love for the guy passed, but the addiction to the  sound lives on, even now so many years later.

That relationship introduced me to so many things I never would have been open to otherwise. I had been so closed off being who everyone thought I should be.  Began opening up to so many new things.

Still look forward to learning about different walks and talks.  Sometimes the curiosity gets me into trouble as I stray too far.  Other times the risk pays off.   At times the unfamiliar is exactly what we need.



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