Moon Full of Maybes

When the say a full moon brings out the chaos, they aren’t even kidding!

Lets just say it has been a hell of a day with a lot of WTF moments.  Added into the mix is the phone suddenly not wanting to work (crackled blurps instead of my voice to my parents is NOT cool and vibrate shouldn’t sound like a can of rocks) and I managed to rip up my adapter for my laptop.  Nope not even kidding.  No charging it up when the cord is nearly split in two pieces.

Grateful for the stuff that still works, the friends who make me laugh and the hope that tomorrow will bring improvements all around for all of us.

New cable ordered.  One day closer to time to renew the phone & getting the chance to pay less than an arm & a leg for a decent phone.  Plans for tomorrow to get out and shoot a few shots with some friends as long as the weather holds true.

Never know what the day will bring.

Could be the day my next home goes on the market!


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