Hope for Small Victories

There are days where nothing can damper the delightful bliss and there are those days where you just want to scream & admit defeat.  Then there are days like today – split somewhere in between.

Sun shined bright & the warm breeze had me craving the beach and a evening of lounging doing nothing but watching as moon rose to take its nightly watch.

Unfortunately no time with work & errands.  As I turned the key in the door to let Baxter out in between, I couldn’t help but long for the beach house & the chance to glance the sea from a window as I changed from work pants to jeans and refilled the parrots’ water.  What is it about night that draws the mind inward to contemplate the chaos?

Feeling a bit down about a few friends facing some challenges.  Will never understand why bad things happen to good people.  Hoping the pendulum swings in their favor very soon.  While I am at it, hoping it swings in my favor soon too.  Just ready for change.  Wondering when & why & how… but knowing that soon.  Have to keep on going for now & trust.



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