Home Sweet Shore

After work I took a drive back over to the place that I had been thinking about since visiting last night.  Just couldn’t get it out of my head & after showing it to my parents online, they agreed it was too good to pass up.

So I saw what the commute home would be like & took a few day shots from the outside, wondering still – what was the flaw?

This place was cheap & in a new area of a different town.  Certainly would be a change in life.  3 bedrooms as opposed to the two.  More kitchen space.  Better scenery.. other than the bar.  But in reality it isn’t THAT close.  Several buildings in between.  So why not?

Oh did I mention its ON THE BEACH?

yes, ocean front. I see my therapy bills decreasing already.  Walks along the surf nightly.  Probably plenty of house guests.  My curiosity was peaked along with my parents.  Made plans for my Dad to come check it out this weekend. Maybe my luck was changing?

Then I caught it… the two words that dashed the dream: FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP.

No where was that listed on the website I looked at.  NO WHERE.

It was only in seeing the sign at the place & going to the listed website that I discovered the snag in the plan for paradise.

nope. this will not be my view daily.

So no moving just yet.  No mornings watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee on the porch trying to spot dolphins.  No evening strolls around the loop.  Alas not for me.  I am holding out for something longer term.  I need more than just 5 weeks of the year.

Guess I don’t have to worry about summer traffic, evacuation plans & bustling bars sending drunks wandering around my door steps.

Another too good to be true moment brought to me on the internet.

Guys, houses… what next? Oh well.

Tomorrow is another day, Scarlet.  Still here & still hoping.



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