That time I went out with the escort

Thought this quote said it beautifully…

Men will like u for your looks, stay with u cause of your personality, love u for what u do 4 them, and marry u for the peace u bring them.

As soon as I saw it on Twitter, it struck a cord.  Such truth about all relationships.

On sight alone we can only know so much.  We assume traits and expectations, but its not until we get to know the person that we know if we really want them into our lives.  Sometimes even if we want them in our lives, we are better off without them.  Others we have to figure out if they are worth sacrificing some piece of ourselves.

By not putting myself out there lately, I forgot how much you learn about yourself in dating someone new.  Even on the less than thrilling dates you learn something new.

While nothing compares to being with someone you can completely be yourself around & who knows your stories, there is a certain magic of new people in your life.  They may be there for a lifetime or only a night, but the memories made can last forever.

Great weekend learning about someone new and remembering what it feels like to be on a first date.  Remembering how many people there are in this world & how silly it is to think that just because we get hurt by a few, we will be hurt by them all.  Amazed by someone new and all the unique ways there are in life.

Like being on a date with a guy who is adorable, smart and has a great outlook on life.  Someone who isn’t afraid to embrace the things he likes even if they aren’t trendy.  Someone who works doing something I couldn’t even imagine how someone would get into, like ESCORTING federal prisoners.  (*ha ha NO I did not pay for a date, he actually just does that as part of his work.  Made a great title though, right?)

Looking forward to more first.  Be it with the cute guy from this weekend, or learning about new people I can’t even imagine right now.


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