in 24

The past 24 hours have my head spinning.

Got some bad news about a friend & seriously hit a bit too close to home.  Just feeling helpless wishing I could do something and knowing there is nothing I can do but be there and hope like hell there is a happy ending to the story.

At some point I decided to take a risk.

Figured why not?

What did I have to lose at this point.  I have given up on finding love, but persistent is one friend.  He is an online friend til last night, when I agreed to meet for dinner only.  So at 9 pm I found myself in a deserted diner across from one of the most beautiful and interesting men I have ever crossed paths with.

I found myself laughing on a day where I just would have cried myself to sleep.

More shocking than anything he was a complete gentleman.  After dinner, he gave me a hug & drove the 2 hour drive back to his place.  No trying to sleep over or stay.  Total respect.

Which is why I am testing this theory of too good to be true.  No expectations or hope for more than dinner, but tonight we meet again. I could use the distraction from reality.  Soon enough it will pass.   But all we have in life are moments, why not enjoy the ones we can?  Never know just how many we have.



Feels a bit like a movie.  So I will watch from my starring role, til the credits roll and the lights come up telling us it is time to go.


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