Not It

Its official.

In the game of life, I lose.

Today at work we had some pathetic low life ditch her job at the last minute (thus why I am calling her a low life) and rather than say the place had to just deal with the lack of staff, we agreed – strike that SOMEONE in the office agreed, that we would send a replacement.

No worries.  But there are requirements that had to happen before the person would be allowed in.  No one had them.

The compromise was to send one of our staff to work the 4 hour shift.

So when I get back from my lunch, which I had to take an HOUR late since someone else blew theirs off for an hour & I had to cover for them til they returned, I get greeted with the “joyous” news that one of us was going to work late at this other location.

And then the game began.

“Well I can’t. I have kids and husband is got plans tonight.”

“I’m married & my husband’s birthday is tonight.”

“I have a date tonight.”

which left me.

F_U_C_K that.  Nice assholes.  Just toss me out in front of the bus.

I don’t have kids.  I don’t have a husband.  Hell I don’t even have a date.  and clearly no one has my back.  GREAT.  Shortest straw.  Take one for the team.

Thankfully the assignment wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t fun.  Wasn’t what I wanted to do after a day of working.  Sleeping pill is coming early tonight.



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