Cupid may have left the building around here, but that doesn’t stop the love from flowing.  This year isn’t the standard but I am thankful to be able to spend the night in bed with someone who adores me – the pug!

my dear heart - Baxter

Who can love me like that? Nothing but love.

Early on I dreamed of finding a love like all the others… the fairly tales seemed so real.

As I grew, I learned of the other phases of love.  Aunts & Uncles divorced.  Hearts were broken & lives changed.  People who say they will stay leave.  Emotions that feel so strong and vivid, change to merely a void.  Happily Ever After wasn’t always forever.

Yet I dreamed of knowing that forever type love.  I dove head first into relationships and learned, sometimes  the hard way, not all men are prince charming.  (course I’m no Cinderella myself)

Bought into the “All You Need Is Love” mentality.  Thinking the main goal of life is to find the one who completes you.

Then I learned to stand on my own.

To sleep at night without someone next to me, or even under the same roof.  To find ways to make my own wishes come true.

Realized that there is a great beauty in learning to love yourself as yourself.  In the end most of us come into this world alone & we leave alone.  If we are lucky enough to find someone to pass the time between with, we are blessed indeed.

Came to understand that family is one of the purest loves you can find sometimes.  What can feel a given, truly is unique and special.  A treasure to cherish.  The more I meet others, the more I realize how valuable family is.  The consistency of having people there who know you, who you have been and what you have been through.

As time goes by, its clear that finding love is less about some epic romance that has passion hot enough to light up the night and more about the cozy warmth of a fire that keeps you company through the darkness.  Family isn’t always found in bloodlines but sometimes is more about creating laugh lines on the faces we find along our path of life.

We may not all be meant for white veils and golden anniversaries, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t lovable.

Its less about belonging to someone and more about finding the place where we belong.

This Valentine’s Day I am grateful for everyone who loves me.  Who cares enough to think of me and wish me well.  For my family, my friends who are my chosen family and for all the memories we share.

Happy Valentine’s Day


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