Let’s Just Think of Doughnuts

This morning I got up & after skipping dinner ended up being surprisingly not even hungry.  In my world this is not a great sign.  Decided it was high time to turn the stress around…. starting with sugar.

that lil girl creeps me out – big time

Since moods at work haven’t been the greatest (busy, busy, busy & hard getting yelled at by desperate people who see you as the one thing standing in the way of them getting a paycheck can do that to people) I decided to try to start things off on a sweet note with DOUGHNUTS!  Plus when I got there the HOT sign was on, so it clearly must have been fate.

I had made my breakfast for once, soy milk & protein powder which was easier than ever thanks to a tip from fellow blogger, Marlow.  I now am the proud owner of a blender bottle & am stunned by how easy it makes mixing stuff up on the go.  May have to make this more of a routine.  The soy milk/power breakfast, not the doughnuts!

The sweet start was just what we needed to start off on a positive foot.  Some how we managed to maintain a steady pace & upbeat attitude.  Guess we all have those days & thankful today didn’t make it two in a row.  I wish I could help the world, but sometimes helping has to come in the form of rejection.

Along the way I stumble upon a bit of knowledge about a neighbor, that I really and truly wish I had not seen.  Just another reason to REALLY want to move, but where do we escape from the people we wish just didn’t exist at all?

And where do I want to go?

I’ve started looking at houses again.  So far nothing calling me.

One of my favorite interview questions is “What is your ideal job right now?”.  Some people light up like kids describing their dream job as if no one had ever wanted to listen before.  Others stare like deer in headlights as if they had never thought of that before.  In those moments I think how sad it is to never dream of your favorite job and hope that they will after they leave.

In a lot of ways, I feel like they do – with the house.

I can dream big but I can’t really see what I really want for me right now.

Too focused on anywhere but here.

I want somewhere I feel safe.  A place to relax and have space to be creative.  To cook.  To let the parrots have a spot where if they toss seed shells it doesn’t take a vacuum to get up & I don’t step on the mess first thing in the morning letting the dog out.  A place where I can’t sit on my toilet & look into the next door neighbor’s bedroom.  A place to set up the sewing machine that I don’t have to put it away at the end of the session but can start bigger projects.  Somewhere that doesn’t hold all the memories this place does.

Its time to move on.  But where?

Over this next month I have a big challenge ahead.

Going to spend time listing out things I want and things I need in a new place.

Already starting looking at everything in my current house in a new way.  Would I move it into a new place and if not how do I get rid of it?  I feel another purge session in the works.  100 Things in 2 days may just be the start of things to come.


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