oh that is just SUPER

So I admit I am incredibly lame this year & am not really doing anything Super Bowl wise.  I fixed a great dinner for myself & its on TV, but not a fried food, beer or any party in sight.  Still adjusting to new meds & figure drinking wouldn’t be a great idea… plus I’m just tired.  No need for it or real desire.

Shopped a little while today and dreamed a little more.  Still so many directions life can go in & not sure how much I want to push things right now.

I did treat myself…..

yup, got my Kindle Fire.  Even found a purple case to protect it.

Figure why not? Sure I didn’t meet the challenge, but I have met a lot of other challenges.  Early Valentines Day gift to myself.  Already loving that the words are a decent size apposed to the tiny type on my iPod touch.  May save myself some headaches in the long run.

Plus I am an adult and I do not need to justify when I want to treat myself with something nice.  Advantage to life solo I guess.

May not have the power to fix all the crap in my life or make all my dreams come true exactly when I want to, but why not embrace the chances I do have to make myself happy?


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