Today I got my hand slapped.

For the picture of my own conure, Binx.

This picture was posted on Etsy.com & has been for a while.  Anyone who has met Binx knows that this is one moody lil spitfire.  His life hasn’t been easy & frankly I get it.  He truly can be what some would call angered.  At times he makes me – angry.  Still there are other moments, like the one in the picture where he isn’t so.

I titled the picture “Not So Angry Bird”.

I was notified today that doing so infringed upon a certain company’s rights and I should cease and desist.  The Etsy.com posting was shut down by Etsy & I was notified.  Seriously.

What is almost funny is this statement in the letter:

“This is a confidential matter, and we request that you not discuss this issue in the Etsy Forums or otherwise violate the confidential nature of this email.”

Oh.. you request that I not discuss this insanity.  Wait can I use the word insanity?  Does some multimillion dollar fukard own that one too?  Is there a list of the words we aren’t allowed to use somewhere?

This is what the world is coming to.  Satire. Flattery by imitation. Interpretation. Whatever.  Money hungry. Lawsuit happy jerks.


I’m not some big artist.  I’m not even selling anything.  Barely sold anything on that site & what I have was not that card.  Even if I had, would it been to someone thinking they were getting something related to that game?  It looks nothing like it.

I honestly don’t even know what to say.

So stupid.

All I could say back to them was :

Just got this notice & am confused.
Am I being told that since company owns the name “ANGRY BIRDS”, I can not use the words angry? or BIRD, which isn’t the same as BIRDS.  There is a letter S added on their word.
I own parrots & often take pictures of them as well as other birds.  I’m no longer allowed to post them?  Or just that I can’t name the pictures as I see fit.
Forgive me while I delete all verisons of that stupid game from my phone & iPod.
Hate to be told I was not using the right finger to flick the bird.
FOR THE RECORD.  I have been using the word BIRD for a LONG time.  Way before that company was.

I fumed from the moment I got this on my break to after work.  Tried shopping to distract & ended up having dinner with a friend.  I plotted how I would vent & raise awareness to this absurdity.  Counted down the hours til I could log in and delete my entire Etsy account.

Now I don’t care.  Its stupid.  they will do what they want and I can not afford to counter act.  Rights are screwed.  Those in charge seem to have forgotten what the intent of all the ruling are.  Protection isn’t strictly for the big guys.

I have re-posted the picture under a different title.  Going to see if that satisfies their demands.  So far Etsy hasn’t charged for the re-posting & has allowed it.  Even contacted me back.

Thanks for explaining to me that the issue was unintentional. We greatly appreciate your feelings about this. We understand these issues can be frustrating.

Etsy is a venue and as such we must comply with our policies and remove material when we have proper notice. Etsy was told exactly which items were at issue. Etsy’s policy is found here: http://www.etsy.com/policy/ip

Therefore, Etsy does not have the information necessary to answer your question. If you have any concerns you may want to direct them to the person that contacted Etsy (the contact information is found in the email) or an expert.


The more I live, the more I wonder why people are the way they are & what the point of it all is.

If this is the American way and how Americans act, then I am quickly wishing to transfer my citizenship.  Freedom of speech clearly isn’t really anything normal people like me can afford.

I’m creating my own language.  No one will understand me, but I can’t clearly afford to speak my native tongue anymore.


Today everything has been resolved.  Both Etsy & the parent company for the game have written apologies for the misunderstanding.

Although it was aggrovating & annoying, there is no harm done.  I appreciate their ability to acknowledge that this was a mistake.  Plan on keeping the Etsy store on a small scale & am not angry at either.

My birds… well they seem to always have reasons to be pissed off parrots now and then, but at this point there have been no eggs and no pigs in this house!


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