serenity now

I should have known when I woke up by 8 am on a Sunday that th ings were not going to go smoothly.  Still I was optimistic.  Time to relax and read in the new book.  Sadly about 15 % though the book I realized it was NOTHING like I had anticipated.  Not humor, not self help… really not sure how to classify this one.  Not even sure if there will be value in finishing.  Although I am enough of a smart ass to enjoy reading it & disagreeing with some of the advice.  I honestly thought it was humor, but evidently it is intended as a way to help others. Maybe I’m just beyond that help.

Spent the morning snuggling Baxter & relaxing planning out what I could do with the day, catching up on a few Netflix suggestions.  Nothing major kind of morning, which was just fine.  Til I got up to get lunch. Ended up dropping my cute powershot down from the counter height to the floor.

Of course I had already loaded the laundry into the machine so the pile of clothes that had previously been in that very spot was no longer there to cushion the blow.  CRACKED screen.  Still works but certainly isn’t like it used to be.

Could be worse.  But still stinks.  Which lunch was ok. Other than a certain parrot begging for every bite yet when I did share he tossed it to the dog.  Thanks.  Just work one over on me there guys.  Which only started the parrot predicament.

trouble maker one & trouble maker two

Certain times of the year their hormones go into over drive.  Especially once they reach the adult phase of life.   The crazy weather has them thinking less January & more spring.  I may have to bundle up & drop the temperature in the house to a colder setting to stop this chaos.  ALL DAY the conure was SCREECHING for attention,  but then didn’t want it, but then did.. {roll eyes}  meanwhile Groucho has fallen in love again.  This time he isn’t vomiting on his reflection in the mirror, he has moved on to a more intimate relation ship with a fleece blanket that covers his cage & is rainbow colors.  Its bizarre.  The bird is out of control.

At some point during the day I thought for some reason that dog training tricks might help.  When the conure screamed, I would go spray him with the mister.  Seemed like it would work.  Distraction & then he would forget screaming & think about being wet.  Which wasn’t a bad thing since he hasn’t had a shower or bath lately.  The misting would be dual purpose and hopefully save my sanity as a side effect.

No luck.  He still screamed.  Which also go Groucho screaming & shouting random phrases when he wasn’t other wise engaged.  At some point I broke & started screaming back.  Even the pug started pushing raw buttons sitting on my pillows & refusing to stay off the bed while I tried to change the sheets.

Made some sushi & tried to relax.  Proud that I haven’t forgotten how to roll a tight maki & mix up the right sticky sweet rice to make it good.  Slight annoyed the sweet potato didn’t stay inside well.  Perhaps it was too hot & needed something.  Key was it all tasted delish. From the raw sugar snap peas (instead of edamame) to the wasabi tuna it all brought back comfort of this meal in the past.  Alas the entire time there were ear piecing screams.  Thank goddess for those lil yellow pills.

Tears in my eyes before they kicked in thinking WHY on earth I do this?  Worn down and wishing I could just watch the ProBowl in peace.  More laundry, cages to clean and a billion other things to do all I wanted was a hug & maybe someone to take care of me for half a moment.  Bring me a beer & snuggle while chatting about how stupid the commentators looked in the Hawaiian shirts or how long it too to just get the game started.

Early bedtime for the parrots and a hot shower to get away for a moment helped.  Oh to have an actual house with a room for them that wasn’t RIGHT beside my bedroom or part of the kitchen/living area.  Again the layout of this house sucks and I am beyond over it.  No end in sight since I just don’t have it in me at the moment to move on my own & my parents are busy dealing with the stresses of their lives.  Just have to deal.  Find ways to grow from the experience.

Thankfully friends make me feel better & the pug forgives quickly for me yelling at him.  Snuggled up beside again & like I mentioned to someone earlier – I have a guy who thinks the world of me and every night wants nothing more than to sleep by my side each night.  Course that text did bring a smile knowing that I had crossed his mind even if it never works out, still feels great to be thought of now & then.  Especially after the date yesterday that reminded me of all the ways that I didn’t connect, it felt good to remember that there are guys out there who are more like me.  Friends who like me even if I don’t share my every meal or dote on their every step or screech with my every waking hour.

So much for the crafting.  So much for the shopping.  Closest I got was rearranging a few things and clearing out a bit of clutter.

Still could always be worse.


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