Dream. Dash. Do?

Some days just rock a lot harder than others.  Days like today just make me smile and hope that no matter how difficult other days may be, there is always hope for more like today.

Especially ones where surprises arrive!

Got the gift cards from Courtney Out Loud!!!  Can’t wait to go checking out Pier One’s stock.  Maybe tomorrow will include a trip to each of them to compare.

Til then, Baxter & I are dreaming & doing our happy dance again.  (& yes I busted out the Valentine’s-ish quilt I made a few years back).  Feeling really inspired again lately & wishing I had the time to make something else.  Very soon.  I played around with the fabric today, but just couldn’t quite decide what to make in time.  If only my craft stuff were able to be as organized as these rooms! Or hell if it had a room….

Craft Room Inspiration

But no time today for that it seems.  I had a date to dash off to.

Met up with a couple of photog friends to brainstorm & catch up… dream about something that if/when it happens will be pretty amazing.  I’m excited for sure.  Which left me inspired to want to take a million and one pictures and dream about this & that in how to edit them and display & all that good stuff.

But no real time for that either.  Off to meet someone.  Inspired by conversations the night before hearing how successful relationships started in various ways be it in a beer tent being polite, intrigued by an online profile a bit too real or even by that one face that just didn’t seem to go away. I had hope for what could be.  The profile seemed ok.  Maybe this one wouldn’t end up making me wish I had a panic button in my purse.

So I went. First good sign – he actually looked like his profile pictures.  Second good sign – he was polite.  So we chatted. We walked. Drank coffee & watched the sunset across the Cape Fear River.  Somewhere along the way it dawned on me that there wasn’t that much in common, but he was a good guy.  The things I expected based on the profile pictures weren’t really there.  It dawned on me that based on those pictures, I read more into them than I should have & basically was expecting him to be similar to an ex!  Turns out he isn’t anything like that ex, except they are both nice guys, but the things that I had in common with the other guy & actually liked aren’t there in this guy.  Hate missing those pieces & hate that I realized I wasn’t even really giving this guy a chance to be himself without comparison.  But such is life. There is a lot of good there, but common interest maybe not.  Perhaps a friend might be a great fit with him.  Time will tell it seems.

When it was time to dash off from that it was errand running time.  Then home again to spend some time with Baxter & the birds.  Perhaps even get in a bit of reading before I crash.

So maybe tomorrow.  Dream today.  Do tomorrow.

One thing is blatantly obvious to me.  I have more desires than dollars or daylight.  If only I could just add a few more hours to a day.  At least I feel this one was about as packed as it could have been.

General goalsfor the coming year & next few months…

  • 100 Days challenge – 100 days straight of intentional moving 30 minutes each day – Back on track & no more slipping. One day of 99 isn’t going to get me down. Maybe soon it will feel more habit-ish & I will start thinking of bigger goals than just consistency.
  • 10 on 10 – give $10 to a non-profit each month on the 10th – gave to the Cape Fear Literacy Council
  • Read more! – Still stunned that I have already basically read more than last year & its not even the end of January. Downloaded a couple of new ones today & starting #6 tonight.
  • Budget each month prior to the month & stick with it – stupid money. Meeting up with friends out for dinner/lunch… isn’t so great for the budget, but well worth it. The other stuff I have been spending on isn’t so much but fun. Pay day is Friday at least.  I can get there.

As for the more traditional resolutions:

  • Try one new thing each week – Attended a new group for crafters tonight along with a friend I hadn’t seen in way too long.  So many ideas brewing.
  • Cook something each week – Potluck at work was incredible! The drinks, the shrimp lo main, the pizza, the chicken nuggets, the pineapple cake, and coconut & mango sorbets delish! Even got compliments on my black beans & rice.  All love goes to my not so secret ingredient – Adobo!
  • Take one photo I love each week – Feeling so inspired lately! I HAVE got to update the scavenger hunt page soon.
  • Continue my love affair with Post Crossing thinking I need a cool way to display these soon.  They are waiting patiently in a box til I do.  Wondering where the next one will come from.
  • Floss daily – check. nothing in between the teeth.  Why did I think this should be a goal this year? Didn’t I realize I do this daily now?
  • Meditate more – at least weekly – sorry. nothing to report here… move along.
  • Daily food picture –  366 dishes – clearly this has been sponsored by chicken and fries.  No more.  I have GOT to eat better.  Or at least in a way where I can be more enthusiastic about the pictures.
  • Spend an hour with someone else outside of work each week – easy peasy this week. reconnecting with so many & even met someone new today.  Thinking tomorrow is going to be a stay home & chill day, but this weekend certainly has made up for the past little while of being a deadbeat hermit.

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