FENTON! rhymes with BACOOOON!

Some how I missed this viral video, but thankfully I now am aware of Fenton! Not only am I aware, I feel inspired.  See I watched & laughed. Watched again & laughed even harder.  Even watched again.  Sadly, I had visions of my sister’s lab/dane mix hauling ass into the woods after some deer at her place.  Course I think the most she has ever seen is a couple, but still.  They are scary.  They make strange huffing noises at night & frankly could kill me if they wanted to with those hooves & horns.  Bambi, they are not.  I have seen them hit a car.

So after wiping away the tears of laughter from my eyes.. I started to wonder what happen to Fenton.  Did he get trampled? Did he get hit by a car?  Run himself to death? Ever make it home?  Surely the guy never caught up to him.

He seemed to be living the dream.  How many dogs haven’t seemed to want to chase after something with every fiber of their being?  the world melts away & they are aware of nothing else.  I know every dog I have had has had those moments.  Except the pug.  I’m still not convinced completely that he is a dog at all.  Course I am sure that if the Doritos did move he would chase down a couple.

Either way.  I did some googling and figured out that Fenton and his owner were indeed reunited.  I’m sure that Fenton got his worn out rear handed to him for scaring the living daylights out of the owner.  Also learned that Fenton originally was to be a guide dog.  After some time they decided he didn’t have the right temperament for the job.  I love him even more!  An outcast, loser of sorts, yet he decides to forgo the expected & run off to capture his bliss.

Oh Fenton.  We could all learn from you.

General goalsfor the coming year & next few months…

  • 100 Days challenge – 100 days straight of intentional moving 30 minutes each day – this could very well be the death of me.  I have certainly not been doing anything spectacular, but its done. Still on track, but the previous few days have been ones that it was just putting in the time more than actually working out.  I’ve been sick.  So when I feel better I will do 1 hour for a few days to make up for these weak days of barely doing more than walking for 30 minutes slowly.
  • 10 on 10 – give $10 to a non-profit each month on the 10th – gave to the Cape Fear Literacy Council
  • Read more! – Five books down.  Several more I am dying to get into.  Still focusing on one at a time.
  • Budget each month prior to the month & stick with it – so far so good.  Still looking forward to pay day rolling around again & paying off the cards.

As for the more traditional resolutions:

  • Try one new thing each week – Trying to think up something for this week.  Ideas buzzing.
  • Cook something each week – cooking sick. not a great plan.  Still soon.
  • Take one photo I love each week –Found a couple of ideas to get me back into the groove again.  Looking forward to sharing the results!
  • Continue my love affair with Post Crossing may have committed a slight faux pas. Sent one to Germany to someone who asked to tell her something about our language.  She had English down as one she spoke, so I wrote something that had me giggling that day: “gullible sounds like oranges if you say it slowly enough” or something along those lines.  Today I got the thank you & that she was working on the pronunciation since she couldn’t get it to sound the same!  Oops.  Hoping she doesn’t try too hard.  I will try to refrain from rhyming words with food from now on… well most of the time.
  • Floss daily – Crapzilla! Did I say that this was too easy? Classic jinx.  With all the feeling like poo biscuits, I did skip a day or two.  But back on track now.
  • Meditate more – at least weekly – trying again very soon.  Guided.  Not just openly allowing my brain to wander into forbidden depths.
  • Daily food picture –  366 dishes – adding more daily & wishing I ate better.
  • Spend an hour with someone else outside of work each week – Still serving in my solitude, but when I feel better – it is on!  I will plan something & get there.  Sadly I missed a couple of events I would have loved to go to – one being Mugs for Jugs, but being sick ruins everything it seems. Next time! 

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