Again… really?

yes, again. really.

Another night of random sleep mixed with coughing, nose blowing & using the bathroom a trillion times in the efforts to guzzle the ocean to try to flush this yuck from my system. Evidently resting yesterday was not enough. So off to the doctor I went in search of help.

Instead of being told to treat symptoms and let it run its course, I got prescribed horse pills, er antibiotics.  Which its been a long time since I have had, but I don’t remember them being so BIG!

The ring fits around my finger.  What happens when a normal person sticks their finger down their throat? yes & I supposed to down two of those each day?  This shit better make me feel a LOT better fast!

Made several observations today – there is no possible way to be attractive while blowing your nose with a sinus infection.  You might look okay but the nose will kill ya!  Evidently several cute guys shop at Target in the early morning, which made me oh so glad to forgo make-up today thinking I looked awful anyway, why bother.  Course.

Noticed too that while feeling bad, I change clothes more than any one person should.  I get cold, new shirt or pants.  I feel gross, new change of clothes.  I go out of the house, I come back to the house, the more uncomfortable I feel the bigger the laundry grows.

Unfortunately I discovered that even though I was on track budget wise before I got sick, some how I managed to go over $70 this time.  Pay day is tomorrow so another chance to stay on course.

Maybe I have just had too much time on my hands to think today, but I am toying with the idea of getting on the couponing bandwagon.  I remember being a kid & clipping everything that had a dollar sign on it in each Sunday paper.  I had a filing system and organized it all.  I did it again for a while in college and somewhere along the way lost interest in keeping it all together.

With the recent trending reality shows spotlighting the way of saving cash, I was shocked at the lengths that some would go to and part of me cringes to think about even attempting the hobby.  Difference is that I doubt I will ever be one of those people with stock piles or who obsesses over getting carts full of stuff and not paying a cent.  Honestly I just think, others are saving cash – why shouldn’t I be? I don’t have any space in this house for stock piles.  If I can’t use it, it doesn’t matter how cheap it is.  I don’t need it.  I already buy store brands a lot of the time to help save cash.  If a coupon makes it cost even less, why not?  Being able to donate extras to a food bank or other non-profit would be great to be able to do more often though!

So inspired by a local couponista, I have started up a new email address & started signing up for the emails.  Just may have to check out the Sunday paper this weekend to see if this is something that might work for me.  Already I can see where this could be an expensive hobby.  Which defeats the whole purpose.  Some sites offer coupons for brand items that cost more but if you purchase their set amounts, you save! Well if I didn’t purchase that many anyway, I would save.  So logic comes into play.  As much as I want to spring for a cool organizer to keep it all together, that is money spent I wouldn’t other wise too.  So first the coupons, then the organizer.  Got to have something to put in there right?  Besides it doesn’t have to be perfect.  We shall see how this goes.  Any money saved can easily be used elsewhere for better things.

I’m lucky in that there is only me living & eating in this house.  I can easily see where families who go thru more food than I do in a month would see more values in some of the deals than I.  Hoping that I can find my niche.  Maybe along the way I can start cooking more around here!

Which glad to report I did today.  Beef stew was comforting cooking in the crock pot today.  Easy as can be and worked out great so that I have leftovers for tomorrow.   Nothing new, but felt good to make one of those meals you know by heart.  Simple and a favorite.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel better & get in the mood to bake or something! Which reminds me, I finished another book!!!  Cupcake by Mariah Jones was a quick easy read that had me laughing the whole way through.  FOUR down, twenty more books to go.

First getting back to healthy & my normal routine.


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