On Hold

I planned to spend the weekend with friends doing fun things and getting more done in the house.  I planned on being able to crave working out each day for 30 minutes by now since its been over two weeks since I started.  I planned on being at work this morning at 8:30 ready to face the day & do what I do.

All that got put on hold.  My body had other plans.

Woke up feeling worse.  Or maybe the same, but knowing I couldn’t feel like this made it feel even worse.  I got up, dragged myself to the bathroom to start the morning routine & with tears in my eyes realize it was not happening.  I wasn’t crying.  More like the eyes watering thing you get when you just feel awful physically.  My body still aches, my head is pounding, felt dizzy, stomach is twisted and I can breath thru my mouth still even if my nose seems to be on vacation, but at least mentally the sleep did me well.  So I am using the first paid day off of 2012 – as an actual sick day.  Bummer.

So back to bed.  Popped a couple of pills & chugged down more water.  Hoping that resting and sleep will kick this to the curb.  So Baxter at least seems happy with my choice.

So why I am blogging instead of snoozing?  That would be the parrots.  For whatever reason my staying home has them excited & in no mood to stay quiet.  Again I am wishing for a bigger house & a dedicated bird room or space.  Some way to get away & rest quietly.  I love ’em but sometimes….  so instead I will lay here & rest.  Dreaming of quieter places.  Maybe wish that I hadn’t put my bedroom makeover or moving to another place on hold.

blue boudior

study session

2 thoughts on “On Hold

  1. I love this one!!
    I was obsessed with my swings as a kid. I used to swing out there in my back yard singing all my favourite Disney movie songs at the top of my lungs! Lol! If I walk by any swing now I hop right on! I’m only 30 so I’m still a big kid! 🙂

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