Mind over Matter

Woke later than usual to a dull ache and a pounding head.  Which for a Saturday morning might be a sign of a great Friday night, but not this time.  Sadly this accompanied with a tingle in my throat, hot & cold moments and a sniffly nose meant only one thing to me – all those plans I had, CANCELLED.  Time to rest up & try to not share the wealth.  I feel like I was just sick not long ago.  Hoping this runs its course quickly & I’m better by work Monday (yes I have to actually go in).

Funny thing is, I feel like I did this to myself.

The other day I was cleaning out a few things.  One being a cupboard with medicines and vitamins.  Stumbled on this lil pink box…

Which seems has a couple more months on it before it expires.

I ALMOST tossed it out & then just before I let it fall into the trash, I stopped.  Thought I should keep it. Just in case.

Careful what you allow into your world.  The power of thought is so strong.

Because now I get to use the pink pills! Oh how lucky I feel.

Moral of the story kids – toss the pills.

Good news is that by resting instead of running around all day, I finished the book I was reading.  So make that two down in 2012!  Evidently ereading is exactly what I needed.  So easy to just pop out the iPod touch at lunch or in bed & read a few more pages while waiting some where or at lunch.  Why is it that I didn’t just carry around an actual book?

I really want that Kindle Fire right now.  Which is a very good thing seeing as I really don’t feel like working out today.  Still not going to toss 13 days into the trash.  I’m over 10% to my 100 Days & the Kindle pay off.  So I’m going  with the slow & steady plan today.  Breaking up the 30 minutes into smaller chunks.  3 sessions of 10 minutes each on the treadmill.  Not the fastest pace, but it still counts in my book.

Speaking of books, I think its high time I download another one.  Going to need something to distract me on that treadmill!

Maybe I can get Baxter to workout with me for extra motivation!


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