Words Unspoken

Several events of the day have me thinking about when and how to speak up.

The standard is live and let live.  Don’t base assumptions.  Don’t assume future outcomes based on past choices.  Life teaches us to trust instincts and to do whatever we can in self preservation.  Not to get involved in the lives of others.  So where does the line blur?

Sometimes its easy.

We get the gut feeling and we know.

Others we do what we can do ease the uneasy and move on doing what we can to try not to look back.

Still sometimes we get slapped in the face with the force of the impact.

Could we have done more?  Should we have listened more seriously? Should we have alerted someone to what we thought could happen?  Perhaps. Perhaps not.  The only thing we know for sure is that second guessing will do nothing but bring agony.

While we might want to help all, we no doubt will drive ourselves to the edge in trying.  There are times to step in yet there are more times that you just have to shut the door and move on.  Even those who can see what may happen should the choices continue the way they are, still can’t always step in to force change.  Nor should they.  Life isn’t ours to live unless it is our own. The choices just aren’t always ours to make.

All we can do is be kind.  Recognize that we all walk different paths.  Some may look better or worse than ours, but we can’t trade. We just never know.

We are all we are and all we should be.

May we all know that life is what we make it.  No one has true control unless we give it.  We may not always like the choices, but we always have alternatives.

Even if we sit in the cafe watching the cars rush toward each other, its not our fault when they wreck.  Sure you could stand and yell, but would it matter?  Do what you can & let it go.  The future is all we have & there is no room for those Coulda, Shoulda & Wouldas.

Hoping that the chaos of this day ends as quickly as it began.

I am so amazed at someone right now.  Their strength in ways I can only imagine has me in awe.  Daily they allow themselves to be put in situations where they risk everything in an effort to help others.  Sometimes the heroes don’t wear capes.  Sometimes they don’t even realize who they are.  Especially on those days when they may feel like they missed out on stopping the train.


2 thoughts on “Words Unspoken

  1. Thanks for articulating so well something I frequently feel and is especially poignant to me because my youngest sister is one of those heroes and I am much more laid back in my tendency to jump in and help. I struggle with that.

  2. thanks! Just had to get out a few feeling last night in order to sleep. Some moments you just wish you could save people from feeling. & yes my “little” sister is the hero as well. I can’t even begin to fathom all she sees while “working” & is just expected to let it go at the door. 🙂 We all have different talents in dealing.

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