To Catch a Shooting Star

Tonight is the first meteor shower of the year… not even sure I will see it, but hoping too.  Been a while & frankly I am feeling like I could use the chance to wish on a couple of shooting stars.

Even better would be to catch a photo of one, but that may be for another time.

Long day at work with barely a moment to breath.  More than a few New Years resolutions must have been to get a new jobs.  The phone didn’t seem to stop ringing and with the receptionist out still sick, we all had to fill in along with the hectic other duties and playing catch up from a long weekend.

Maybe I should have gotten more sleep last night, but the insomnia let me be lucky enough to see a few snowflakes fall!  Believe it or not snow did actually fall.. for just a little while.

Along with the freezing temperatures, the pain in my hand decided to amp it up a few notches.  Feels like I injured it again, but by now I realize this is par for the course in the winter.  A bit strange how weather can effect a person’s body so much, even in the age of heaters & insulated walls.

With the pain, come the reminder of why it hurts.  A slap in the face that no matter what, it will never be what it was.  Feels like a defeat.  I know it was more of a roll of the dice than anything I did, but at times I just want to be able to go back and not go out that night.  There is no reason to waste time or energy on the could have, would have & should have, but now and then my mind drifts back. 

Talking with my mom tonight she tried to comfort me by saying “you were a victim, there was nothing you could have done different.  things just happen and we deal.”  With all she is dealing with, with all so many other people are struggling against, my achy hand seems insignificant.  I truly could always be worse.  Still at the moment I just would like to scream a little.  

Thankfully I know this will pass soon.


Soon it will warm up & I will forget again.

Also thanks to others who dare to speak the unspoken, I know my downs are not anything that are abnormal.  I’m not alone.

Amazed by a blog I found not long ago when I read a very honest post dealing with someone else who endures a few darker moments now and then.  I also have witnessed the posts where she shows how brightly she can sparkle.

Guess we all ebb and flow.

Just have to make the wishes while we can and move on when they are unrealistic.  So maybe I will bundle up and go see the stars tonight.  Screw the pain, we all deserve some pleasure as often as possible.


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