Winding down

One more day of work til the long weekend & the end of days… for 2011 anyway!

Seems odd to think about how much has happened this year.  So many memories.  Some I never would have expected.  Several fears completely unrealized thankfully.  Dreams a step closer, some tossed out of the way (for now at least).  Crazy to think this year has passed already.

Even wilder to think a whole brand new year ahead to make of it what we will.

Course I have a few ideas…

But for starters, planning & kicking out that which I no longer find useful.  Thinking instead of going nuts, blowing a ton of money & hoping to get a safe ride home before 6 am, I am going to just have a staycation in my house & purge.  Yes this will call for bubbly!

yes, I am planning on getting wasted

…. and I do plan on cleaning in a tiara, as every gal should!

Its time to declutter & dig deep.  Maybe shed a few pounds – of clothes.

Why yes. I am such a wild child.


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