Feels like such a rare, surreal in between time right now.  Short weeks at work due to holiday observances & less than a week left in the year.  Time to decide if this will be a year to make resolutions or not.  Reflect upon all that occurred in 2011 and dream what may come in 2012.

We can wait a week to make the resolutions and start trying to make those new habits or we can do it now.  Nothing stopping us, but for whatever reason seemed like everyone likes to start it off with the new year.  Feels like life is on hold.  No real urge to find someone, start something or rush to achieve some goal.  The holding pattern of wait til the year starts.  Maybe its just at work, but it seems to be all over.  Just be for now.

One suggestion that I am trying myself this year.

Take the time from now til New Years to just be.  Observe who you are & all that you do.  Reflect on how you would like to be, but more so just realize who you really are.

Maybe just track those things you do.  Then if you feel you really do want to change, at least you know where you are growing from.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” ~Maria Robinson

Still are we totally sure we want an ending different from what we are going towards? Maybe. Or maybe the road we are on needs just a bit more time.

Still a few things always need tweaking and tuning.

So again, I track what I eat calorie wise & plan where my money should go.  I look inside to see where my heart truly wishes to roam.  What things I think would be best done another way.

Perhaps the magic will be found in the coming year.

I know one thing.  My choices in what ring to wear have expanded for 2011!

Yes I bought that ring.  Some times we just need to remember we are worth it.

(& since it fits on THAT finger, how could a gal pass it up?)

and yes.. I probably will post something reflecting the past year.


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