And to all a Goodnight

And just like that, the hectic holiday that has been planned for months is over.  The gifts given, some put away, some still waiting to find their place.  The meal, made, eaten and turned into leftovers waiting in the fridge.  The family caught up by call, text or visit.  The tree still stands, a bit lighter below.

Seems Christmas is one of those days that you try to make the same every year to maintain tradition, but each has its own unique style.

This year, everything was different.

Thankfully other than a few pets that we have bid adieu to, everyone is here that was here last year.  The traditions were all observed, even if not in the same order or at the same times as usual.  For the first time, my sister was on call & actually had to go into the hospital to do a scan.  Thankfully the person was ok & she made it back in time for lunch.  Also glad we didn’t have any kids here.  We are all truly the definition of adults since we were able to wait to open presents til the afternoon on Christmas day!

Feeling incredibly spoiled.  600 thread count purple sheets (I have never had any probably higher than 300… or should I say the clearance rack – cheap. But they swear by the thread count!), wine, new crock pot, some M&Ms like Santa brings every year, a tire gauge & even some cash.  The biggest surprise was a necklace.  Not just any necklace, but one with the moon that glows in the dark.

Course what makes it most special to me is that its the moon, just as it looked on the night I was born. ❤ Such a personal, thoughtful gift.

The best gift had to be the time together….all the memories made.


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