Dear Santa, we need to talk

Every year we are told the same thing…

Santa has the nice list & the naughty list.  Only the nice kids get presents.

Well I call BULLSHIT.

Has any kid on that naughty list ever been skipped? Doubtful.  Plenty of good kids get skipped I’m sure, but hoping that organizations like Toys for Tots, Salvation Army’s Angel Tree & other type programs assist Santa with this.  No clue why limited budget has Santa skipping houses but I guess he is partial to the rich families. I digress.

Wanted: Santa Claus

Still good or bad, the stockings end with more than just coal.

The gig is up.  This doesn’t seem to be working.

Even the added “incentive” of the Elf on the Shelf isn’t working.  Unless we are looking to teach kids about mafioso like activities like ratting out friends, blackmail, spying/voyeurism.

Truth is kids still act like brats.

They grow up to be adult jerks.

So Santa, get a back bone.  Define naughty & nice.  Stick to the bargain.


The Good Kids


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