New Tradition – NUGGETFEST

last year we began a new tradition for the holidays…


It all started as a way to say.. “Be careful what you wish for!”

My sister is notorious for not wanting other people to get her random stuff for gifts.  Which works IF you give others hints on what to buy.  She wasn’t so helpful with the hints, so she was met with a never ending round of frustrated “What would you like?” questions.

At some point my brother in law asked her while she was busy & she blurted out “A Nugget Tray”. To which he decided “fine, you want it, you get it!”.

This begins NUGGETFEST.

The tray was ordered & the tradition began.

Just a chance to get together with no cooking, no extras just nuggets.

Boosting abounds in how many we can eat & yes we make others jealous!

He REALLY wanted a nugget BAD!

Still adults only.

Booze may have been involved.

With no real clean up or fuss, everyone went to bed happy & STUFFED.

Good times & good memories.

Leaving leftovers for Christmas morning breakfast.  Which was great since no one felt like cooking breakfast.  Especially when there are presents to open & the christmas dinner to fix.

Plus no worries, we all live happily ever after.

Which is what Nugget Fest is all about.

Just letting go & enjoying the moment.

That & a reminder that WISHES DO COME TRUE, so you better be careful what you wish for! Especially when you have family that cares enough to make them come true.

This year surprises are in store.  That & more NUGGETS!


5 thoughts on “New Tradition – NUGGETFEST

    • I should have learned be careful what you wish for the year that I said … “all I want are some socks this year.” I guess you could have called that one sock fest when I opened 160 pairs of socks! Nugget Fest rocks!

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