Its a jolly holiday.

Inspired by Pinterest once again, I had fun last night.

Sometimes there seems to be a limitless amount of things to do when one is single.  Others, you get bored off your ass!

But then you realize now is the chance to do all those girly things that would never happen if you had to worry about someone else in your space or devoting quality time to someone else.

So you shop.  You date.  You enjoy a bottle of your favorite stuff.

Or you get crafty.

Last night I tried the yarn tree thing.  Tonight, well I got glam.

and poor Baxter had a certain look, like I was completely out of my mind.

But doesn’t matter.  He loves me still.

See I had a pair of thrift store finds that just were rather blah.

Its almost New Years so why not zap them into something a bit more me.

Can’t wait til the second coat goes on & I can finish them off!

Starting to get excited about heading to the parents this weekend & next.

The gifts and cards have started rolling in at work.  In one day we got this massive fudge brownie, a crate of steaks, peanuts, chocolate & a very interesting card…

which totally reminds me of my parents dog, if she had a convertible & a surf board.  She does love swimming!

So no wine in the house to drink tonight, but there is a bit of holiday spirit creeping in some how.

Might have something to do with having finished the annual tradition of dropping off the toys.  Again Toys for Tots made it easy as can be.

Also have enjoyed performing a few anonymous acts of kindness around town and slipping a few of these around!

HIGHLY suggest anyone who is interested do the same!  Just too fun not to.

Think pay it forward.  You might just bring the magic back into someone’s holidays!


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