A Good-bye to Bijou

Yesterday was one of the toughest days I have had in a long time.

Woke up knowing the day would be slam packed and wondering if I had enough time to even do all I needed to do.  But then just when you think there is no way you can possibly deal with anything added to the day, life most certainly will.

Unfortunately one of my favorite little things wasn’t able to wake up yesterday.

Bijou, my little foul mouthed gem, had passed sometime during the night.  Looking back I see how something was up.  He hadn’t been himself since his best budgie buddy Bongo passed.  He tried his best to be side kick with one of the other birds & even the pug, but it wasn’t the same.  Barris came to our world, but he is so young & learning so much.  The past few weeks he stopped speaking human words, which while it was a relief not to hear the f-bomb several times a day, it was strange.  He began following the pug around and moving from room to room on his feet instead of flying like normal.  Which was bizarre.  Not all the time.  He still flew around, but he seem to prefer to walk when the pug was around.  Seemed sad.

He wasn’t a young bird when he came to live with us.  One of the blessings about rescues are that they sometimes are trained.  He certainly was! Knew the common step up & few words… & of course the ones he used when he was mad that he was in the cage instead of on a shoulder or words that he spouted out when he was caught in one of the bigger birds’ cages tasting their food or seeming to pretend to be a bigger parrot than he was.  Of course the flip side to a rescued bird is that you never really know how old they are typically.  Bijou came to me with no sign of his baby bars, so I honestly don’t have a clue how old he was.  All I know is that tiny bird packed more personality into that body than I ever expected or can ever describe.

Bijou had a wonky toe that never was straight.  He came from a situation where someone had WAY too many birds living in a trailer.  He was a surrender in hopes that a few less birds would lead to all being healthier and happier in the long run.  Only thing we could come up with was that at some point one of the larger birds attacked him & his toe suffered.  Never seemed to bother him but it was noticeable.   To say he was an inspiration to me after my attack is an understatement.  He stayed friendly and ready to meet any bird he could right to the end.  Never acted like his one foot was any different than the other.  I wish I had his ability to just keep living with the disfigured appendage.  Maybe one day, my finger will not be anything I think about either & I might even learn to trust strangers again.  Its slow, but if Bijou could, why can’t I?

House seems so quite without him chattering on, be it in human or bird.  Seems odd to have one less pair of eyes watching me as I ate dinner, hoping at any moment I might share.  Odd to be sitting in bed typing this and not have him fly in the room perch on my shoulder & snuggle up to watch.

or to have to struggle for control of the keyboard..

I remember bringing him home.  How excited he was and curious about everything.  Always interested in seeing who was around & how he could be right beside whoever it was, bird, human or dog.

The name he previously had was Sugar, but that didn’t  seem to fit.  To me Bijou just felt right.  New life, new name & he even learned to say it himself.  Always ready to get into something as along as he could pretend to be adorning me like the little jewel he was.

I would be lying if I said he isn’t missed.  The whole house seems to be sad.  Yesterday the other birds were more quiet than normal.  Animals know.  Even the baby Barris seems curious why his buddy isn’t in the cage beside his anymore.  Honestly I keep saying his name, when I mean to say another.  Going to take time to feel back to normal around here.

Distractions only go so far.

My hope is that where ever he is now, he is having a blast, feeling loved & maybe racing around like he and Bongo loved to do.

Thank you Bijou, for all the love, laughter and memories.


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