Inner Monsters

Seems like one of those days where you have the chance to just snap.  Like one more turn of the screw & the story would end up on the national news. One damned thing after another.

No need to rehash the details, but one thing that I have to get out is THINK IT THROUGH.  You are either a friend or foe.

Amazed today by the insanity.

People who dare to pitch the fit, bitch & moan and then expect a smile.

Nope. Not my style at all.  Honesty is displayed on my face more than I would like at times.  Never been one to hide my feelings and for sure will not be the one who gets kicked in the teeth and asks for more.

You want to complain, complain, but do NOT expect me to thank you for it.  If you have a problem with the way I am going about things, congratulations.  You can think your own way, but it doesn’t mean one way is right & another is wrong.  I am so sick of the bullshit & pettiness. Assumptions make you an ass.

Belittling the actions of others to make yourself seem more important just shows you are not where you should be in life.  No one is more than another, although at the moment I certainly wish there were less people around me.  Throw punches, but don’t be surprised when the backhand comes your way.  You kick people when they are down, don’t act shocked when the re-enforcements arrive with a vengeance on their behalf.  Some people actually care for others and wish us all well knowing that cooperation and respect can build miracles.

If you are in business, don’t screw over the people who work to help your business succeed.  Pay the bills others are dependent on that to live.  Karma is a bitch and sooner or later life does catch up to you.  The guarantee is that you will be knocked off your feet now & then.  Its your call as to whether or not you have people there by your side to help you up again or who laugh as you hit the ground.

So thanks for chocolate therapy & the simple truth that no matter what, there will never be another today.  This is the only one.  No repeats.

Guide me to hold my tongue when the words cut deeper wounds than deserved and allow me not to take the insecurities of others personally.  Its hard, but deep down I know who I am and my worth.  Although sometimes I feel like handing it over, no one can ever take it away without my consent.

Deep breaths and lots of pug snuggles in order tonight.

Maybe tomorrow people can stop acting like they are the sole reason each hand has a middle finger.

Tomorrow I won’t let it all get to me.

Tomorrow the positive will will over the negative.

Even if I have to choke on kindness.

& for the record, this has absolutely nothing to do with the company I work for. They are admirable truly show how kindness & respect can be achieved in work while staying completely on the up & up. For once I can honestly say we play by the rules and I love it. I’m proud of all we do.

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