Exotic Dances

They say when a goddess dances, worlds are born.

Today it seems NASA discovered a planet that may be habitable. I think I may know why…

Just teasing, but I did get to see some goddesses in action last night.  Caught a friend belly dancing at the gypsy.  Never would have guessed she had never taken the stage solo prior, but there she went.  Moved to sway around in blissful abandon.

Funny how the room was enchanted and respectful.  Encouraging and engaged.  All eyes on the dancing girl moving to the sounds.

Got me thinking about how meaningful intent can be.

In another atmosphere with a different outfit, the audience might not see the dance as beautiful.   Here the moves were expressive of the moment.  Inspired by the internal calling & witnessed by those in the seats.  To another tune, with different intentions the stage could hold a girl in a bra moving in time and it would seem less art & more tempting.  If I started this post by saying I spent the night in a darkened club watching ladies dance in bras what might you think?  The emotion and meaning changes the moves to have an entirely different meaning.

I love being a woman.

Just by the intent of a move we can go from expressive, to religiously, to temptress. 

With similar moves & the same body, we work our magic.

If there is a single culture where dance isn’t involved in some form, I can’t think of it.  Old as time.  Uniquely the same.  The sways and shimmies speak silently volumes.  

Dance heals, it creates, it empowers and enlivens, enriches (which was my word for today, Enrich).

On a dance floor strangers become friends and tears forgotten.

As the song goes, “Some dance to remember, some dance to forget”, yet every now & again, you just dance for no reason at all.


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