Some days I have to think I may indeed just be a bit different than everyone else.  Some days that irks me.  Some days, that is exactly what I want to be.

Tonight I am enjoying a night in.  No drama or stress.  Just laundry, a couple of movies and me.  Seems like its been far too long since I had a weekend where I could just relax… & actually did.  Took a shot at the online thing again & frankly it just made me wish for more.  Why is it sometimes there seems to be too many guys & not enough time, yet other times its a ghost town? Or worse the creepy weird ones.

Tried to go to a craft/art show happening downtown, but forgot to figure out exactly where it was & ended up not finding it.  Maybe next year.

Read a few blogs & one in particular got me craving something we used to make every holiday season as a kid.

yes, Sausage Cheese Balls!

I wanted them last year.  Already been chatting in the office about them & have a hunch sooner or later some co-worker will bring them & I won’t get to nosh since they will make them with the pork sausage.  So I thought after readying the blog, why not tonight?  Maybe this year it will be easier to find the turkey sausage than last year.

Nope.  4 stores & even had a tip that Wal-fart sold it.  Determined not to every buy anything there, I tried my best to find it else where.  But there I was walking in & searching.  In vain.  No turkey sausage there or anywhere else.  So no sausage cheese balls for me.  For now at least.

So yesterday’s word was Thrive.  Today its Exhale.

I need the reminder to exhale more often than I would like to admit.  Fitting for today’s word.  Stressed slightly & annoyed.  I need to exhale and let go.

Need to exhale out the things that are no longer useful in my life.  Make room for the fresh air to fill me with the future.

Don’t need any stinking sausage cheese balls anyway.


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