Written in the Sand

One thing can be said about life, it ALWAYS changes.

The good times never get to last just as the hard ones will sooner or later fade.  Its a fact that lately I am reminded of.  Just like the words carried away by waves, the moments are washed away leaving us ready for the next.

I’m exhausted but thought on a positive note I would post a few great things that make me smile.

This lil stinker & all the joy he brought into my life over the years doing goofy things like singing along to random things & talking to anything that he could.

my two guys - Badyn in the back & Baxter in the front

Surprise today -a special view that had me beaming!

yes this beauty was an unexpected, bright spot for sure.  Thanks to @Beachwrite who was sweet enough to think of me & spread some cheer my way! (Hint: she can do this for you too.  Contact her & find out how you can get your message in the sands of Wrightsville. think of how sweet this would be to have for a save the date, etc.)

and lastly a strange feeling that is all warm & fuzzy on a cold night – the feeling of sleepiness, without even a pill or glass of anything stronger than water.  Thankfully a long day full of work and being with friends has left me so tired I think I might sleep the whole night through.  Here’s hoping anyway!

Tomorrow is a whole new day, with all the unique moments it brings.  Hoping I am able to cherish each moment for what it is and remember just how special it all is.


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