Thanks for the Memories

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, but the past few years its really been testing my devotion.  Frankly if it were some other less loved holiday, it would be off my calender for good.

Just trying.

Today we received the 1st greeting card of the season.  Well sort of.  I say we but it was my parents address and addressed to my Uncle.

Uncle Johnny you see had done business with the company.  Unfortunately, he no longer does business with them since he died 2 years ago TODAY.

Way to keep the database up to date.

As if I don’t miss the guy who built me dinosaurs enough already!

Doesn’t help matters that we are trying to decide what to do about my lil buddy, Badyn.  He’s been living with my parents the past couple of years when his arthritis started slowing him down.  Me working 8 hour days & him alone all day didn’t make moving easier.  We thought we were losing him then, but being around other dogs & people who could keep him active, has helped him.

Lately he hasn’t been doing good.  The vet said basically his 13 year old body (almost 14 in April) is starting to give out on him.  He has stopped eating, other than a few treats & table scraps these past few weeks and his bodily functions are pretty unpredictable.  Sounds rough, but add in the EYES.  These big brown eyes that have this sad, embarrassed look.  Breaks my heart.

But we will do whatever we need to.  As long as its whats best for him.  Feels oddly like letting go of my uncle.  Body shutting down before we are ready to let him go.

Makes me extra thankful for those who are with me over Thanksgiving, because you never know how long you have.  Cherish the moments that become memories.

Even those times you feel stressed and ready to scream.  No matter what, they are family & there will never been another them in your life.

Now I’m going to spend the day snuggling with the softest eared dog anyone ever could have brought home from the pound.  My very own lil pound puppy.  My dear sweet baby Badyn.



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