No Thanks

Packing is always a challenge in my world.

Never know exactly what to take.  Always forget something that I should have brought even though some how I tend to over pack.  Just never get it quite right.  Usually just settle for making sure I have everything for the parrots & pug and that I have my meds & power cords.

As much as I love traveling, I hate the packing.  Kills the spontaneity of it all.  Plus even just going 3 hours away, there is the anxiety of what if I forgot this or that.  Seriously there have been trips I forgot my toothbrush, phone charger, socks and even one memorable trip where I forgot my underwear!

My parents don’t live on some rural ranch miles away from anything.  Still its a pain to realize I don’t have something I want or need, yet know I have it at home.  Do without? or do a quick shop to get a replacement?

Yet there are so many things that I am glad I don’t have.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, taking time to be grateful for those things that I don’t have in my life.  Sometimes it is great not to have.

1.  Sincerely thankful I don’t have to rely on public transportation (although happy to live in a city where I could)

2.  Proud not to be an addict to anything stronger than my cellphone.

3.  Grateful not to have a spouse that is abusive or just unlovable in my life.

4.  Happy not to be looking forward to surgery anytime in the near future.

5.  No braces on my body or cast.  No scheduled medical test or appointments to keep

6.  Thankful that I don’t live my life on the run from someone or some group that doesn’t think I should exist.

7.  I don’t have fleas in my house.

8.  Never had a DUI or other driving ticket (other than that one speeding one that I got out of).

9.  There is no garnishments on my check each payday.

10.  I have never seen the inside of a jail cell other than from a school tour.

11.  Never been chased down by a dog & bitten for no real reason.

12.  There is no waiting line for me to visit the toilet.

13.  Happy that I can say what I please without fear of being locked up or censored.

14.  Panic attacks are no longer a daily occurrence and walking into a public place doesn’t necessarily mean I will have one

15.  Glad that my next meal doesn’t have to be killed or begged for.  Its easy to eat when I hunger.

16.  Delighted that the world is not simply black and white.  There is beauty in the grey and bliss in the rainbow.

17.  As much as it feels good to be needed, I am thankful I don’t have a job that requires me to work during holidays.  No one will die if I take a day off.

18.  I do not, nor will I own a snuggie, fanny pack or animal shaped hats.

19.  Thankful I don’t live in a war zone or have to sleep in one tonight.

20.  As much as it pains me, I am thankful that those who I have loved that had their body give out are no longer with me.  If that makes sense.  I miss them, but glad they no longer are in pain, even if it means I only have the memories to comfort me now.

The man-friend suggested me making a list when I complained about having to pack & hating it at lunch today.  A list.  Good idea.  Unless you do like me & make the list…. then leave it at work!

Here’s hoping that everyone has safe travels and doesn’t forget anything important!


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