Gee Thanks

Started the day off realizing that the achy body yesterday wasn’t exactly all from the catering work Saturday.  The addition of the raw throat & head pain screamed trouble.  Especially combined with the fact that I am to be going to cook for the family in a couple of days!

Trip to the doctor ruled out strep or anything else that might be easily squashed with a round of antibiotics. Wishful thinking I could some how have something that there was a chance I might not have to share with the family along side the cranberries and turkey. So back to basics. Pound tons of water & eat good stuff. Yes the girl smells of garlic, but I swear it works.

While I’m not so thankful that my coworker came to work Friday sick & evidently shared, I am extremely lucky in so many other ways.  Like insurance, lunch breaks & a doctors office that can see me during that lunch break.  Better yet, meds that help me feel semi-normal & less like a zombie.

Thinking Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays that ever could be & might be my favorite if Halloween didn’t exist.  Starting to think about it made me realize, there isn’t anything that really says Thanksgiving other than THE MEAL.

No red & green or orange & black to make us get in the mood.  No festive character or decorations really.  Thanksgiving kinda gets shafted.  But then again the simplicity of it all adds to its charm.  Less stress.  (after you deal with the cooking part)  Just time with family & or friends and good food. Just warm thoughts and feeling grateful.

So I’m extending it all week….

Things I am thankful for:

1.  New sheets that fit my bed

2.  The cash I earned working a wedding

3.  Glitter

4.  The fact that I have people who enjoy being with me

5.  Birds (especially those who don’t decide my glass of water double as their bath tub)

yes Bijou has decided tonight he will do this

6.  Snuggly pug

7.  Disney trip memories

8.  Laughter, the sound of it & the feeling you get doing it

9.  Comfortable shoes

10.  Sleep, unbelievable how good it feels

11.  Silly commercials that remind me, no matter how crazy I may feel there are people out there who are nuttier than I

12. As wild as it is to be the end of November & able to wear summer clothes, at least I am not freezing

13.  Another hurricane season is almost over & no damages or real drama this year

14.  My family & getting time with them

15.  Short work weeks with whole week pay

16.  Food in the fridge, lights to read by & a safe, comfy bed to sleep in tonight

17.  Future to look forward to 

18.  No urge to shop all  these crazy sales advertised on TV 

19.  Eyes that see so many beautiful colors  

20. Hope

Urging anyone taking the time to read this to take a moment to think of 20 things they are thankful for tonight.  I try to always think of at least 5 before falling asleep each night, but this time of year calls for remembering a few more.

THANK YOU for reading this blog.


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