Just Smiles & Fresh Sheets

Life seems to be flying by lately.

Another incredible day yesterday getting to be a part of someone’s special day helping with the catering.  Had no clue where I was driving to but the end result was beautiful, lady back and as always the food was delish.

thinking this artichoke caprese ap was a highlight of the weekend - yum

Panthers game today was incredible to watch.  Sure the outcome wasn’t what I hoped & there were a few plays I wish had gone another way, but it was exciting & some GREAT plays were made by several players.  Loved it all (well other than that final score.)

Enjoying catching up with friends and diving deeper into learning more about the new face in my world. Enjoying just being.  Trusting and wondering what is to come.

Still time seems to be moving so fast.

Looking forward to a short week at work followed by a LOOOOONG Wednesday, dashing home after work to load the crew in the car & head to Charlotte.  Then thinking as soon as I get there its going to be time to start THE MEAL.  Knock out the cranberries, couple of pies before bed because the morning is going to be slammed with cooking.  Plus there is only one oven this year since my sister is still in the middle of her great remodel & staying with the parents.  To need to figure out which house we are eating at this time.  Only one choice.

Course Mercury going retrograde should add a few interesting kinks to the mix.  Always keeping me on my toes.

Also realized that my sheets don’t exactly fit my bed.  Not sure why I didn’t realize it before but the king sheets on a queen bed are just aggravating as anything!  Honestly its been a while since I bought sheets.  When I got them for the queen size waterbed, I got the kings so there would be extra to tuck under the mattress.  Then changing the mattress to a regular one it never dawned on me that it would be an issue or that the sheets weren’t the right size!

Til recently.

So shopped a bit for a cheap set.  Santa I have a hint of what you can bring me since I have been a very good girl.  New sheets!  Out with the old & in with the new.

…and with that I admit I am starting to feel the holiday warmth.  Even thought about potentially decorating this year.  Maybe.

Cozy & would be so cute to wake in.

So much feels like potential at the moment.  Like for starters getting to spend a couple of days with the family.  Feels like its been forever.

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