Slip Sliding Away

Bye week. The fall Sunday that I have no idea what to do with.

Started out with a great meal.  Pot roast, fried okra & black eyed peas.  Nope I didn’t cook, but it tastes home made.  Comforting.

Had planned on going to visit Airlie Gardens for the free residents day, maybe even the museum, but got a text while eating that had me scoping out the beach instead.

KITE FEST 2011!  Had visions of the diamond shaped ones we “tried to fly” as kids, but I was SHOCKED at the sight I saw.  Forgot all about the gardens.

Parking was a bear.  All the public spaces near the end of the beach were taken & I passed 2 patrol people passing out tickets to people ignoring the NO PARKING ANYTIME signs.  So this was a fundraiser for the local government… got it.  Finally found a space in a lot down the beach & decided that the walk would do me good anyway.  Start the fitness program off right.

Hit the beach with the camera & felt a bit silly being on the beach in sneakers, but it was chilly.  Few steps on down & SLIP… what the? That’s when I spotted them – slippery little landmines ALL OVER waiting to help some unsuspecting soul face plant right into the sand.

When I say all over, I mean ALL OVER.

Glad I wore my sneakers & was really glad I brought the epipen with me just in case.  No need to test it thought.  I treaded carefully watching every step but admittedly I still slid around a bit.

But it was so worth it.

On to not as fun stuff like laundry & maybe attempting to clean out a closet around here.  All while humming a song I had stuck in my head ever since leaving the beach.


3 thoughts on “Slip Sliding Away

    • You would not believe how many times I slipped & nearly fell on a jellyfish. Some had sand on them hiding them. Other times I admit I wasn’t looking as much as I should have – like when the HUGE dog was walking & nearly knocked me over trying to avoid stepping on one himself. I had to giggle as the owner shouted “OH oh …so sorry…” She thought I was going down too. It was like something out of a comedy movie. Felt like trying to walk on ice.

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