Life Check Time

Time to update & maybe set a few additional goals.   Its been a while.


At the moment, my health is good – still struggling to accept things that are.  Still trying to get into more of a scheduled exercise regimen or set some goals to keep me going.  Just too easy to forget sometimes.

Might be time to do something more structured.  A diet challenge or exercise challenge.  Wondering how fast I can walk the distance from here to Walt Disney World?  Time to dust off the pedometer & see!


Is anyone in this country where they want to be financially?

With the holidays coming up this is a tough one.

Still adapting to making less in a job that fits me better.  Sadly I admit that I am using credit cards more that I would like.  Still haven’t touched the 401k, but I’m not adding to it & frankly its looking puny with the stocks.  Very tempting to slip it out and into an account where I can use it if needed – which I’m sure I would find something that I needed!  So its staying where it is.

Thankfully my parents set up my first account in a credit union and that is where I have stayed (& continue to).  I have not had to deal with corporate banks ever other than HSAs & 401ks set up by employers.  May look into moving the 401k to the credit union soon.  Then I wouldn’t have anything to do with them other than the credit cards, which sooner or later I would like to do away with all together.  Guess this needs more thinking & focus.


Meh? well what can I say…. I keep trying.

I continue to go on dates & be open, but honestly I’m not really enamored by anyone at this point.  I have met a lot of great guys and yes a few that I was very grateful to be done with at the end of the date.  Trying new things & staying open to others that I would normally pass by.  Bonus is that occasionally I do let them pay when they offer & things are going good, which is great for the finances.  Still doing the dutch thing mostly for self respect and so I’m not giving anyone the wrong impression.

Not spending as much time with the family as I would like, but have enjoyed the time together more.  Not as much strife or tension.  Some great memories are being made as houses are transformed, trips taken & of course that amazing day going to the Panthers game & getting to sit so close to the field.

I’m still making new friends & sticking to the goal of spending at least an hour with someone non-family related.  There are so many incredible people in my life that its never enough time to catch up with everyone.

Said good-bye to Bongo, which still hurts more than I could have expected.  Welcoming Barris to the flock has been great & he seems to bring a few characteristics that Bongo had – like spending so much time on a certain swing & hanging upside down.  Still building on the relationship & trust, but I already love the lil guy.  Thankful that Bijou grows closer, Grouch still is a riot with the love he gives, Binx is biting a lot less & behaving better and of course Baxter is my world & the best snuggle buddy a gal could ask for on a chilly night.

I’m truly blessed.


Feeling pulled more and more to stay true to what I feel and explore in depth more.  I’m more open with who I am which has made for quite a few interesting conversations on dates.  To one as soon as I answered that I don’t attend church, when asked what church I went to, was the end all be all of that date.  To another learning that I was psychic turned into a constant game of “what do you see for me?”, “how do we turn out?”, etc. which while I appreciate his enthusiasm, I wasn’t there for a reading.  Besides I still believe that every choice we make can change the path we are on.  Although something might come up, it doesn’t mean its set in stone.  Hoping to find the balance soon.

Agreed to do a few new things that will have me relying on believing in my abilities & looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

So less private & more acceptance that what I believe is just as valid as anyone else’s religion.  The divine can’t be pigeon holed into just one path, in my opinion.  Why shouldn’t there be various paths to walk.  Everyone is called to be who they are inside and trust that they are who they need to be or free themselves from the binding holding them back.

While it still is painful to think about the past and things that have been said, I recognize that those people for the most part are not in my life any longer (other than a few family members who I value enough to forgive).  I should be thankful for the test that they presented allowing myself to grow stronger in the end and just be who I am – without fear that everyone I meet will be as judgmental as they were.

Also have decided that I want to get my astrological chart done, but that I’m sure will be another post in the future.


While the Breast Cancer walk might have been a bit of a let down since I wasn’t aware of how it would actually work, I’m proud to say that I was able to raise money that without the walk, I wouldn’t have been able to give them.  Sure I may have gotten flak for helping such a highly publicized organization instead of one that could have benefited from the money more or that helped the cancer that my mom is battling.  Truth is that if we have to focus on one in particular to find a way to prevent, cure or treat effectively, I’m all for it.  Solutions for one problem sometimes can help to solve others.  I’m glad I was able to help some & thankful that I’m not fighting that battle myself.

Loving the 10 on 10 challenge.  Looking forward to helping a few more causes or people every month.  The $10 might not be a huge donation, but being able to remember and give each month is great!


I have the urge to sew again, but just haven’t taken the steps to restart.

Loving the shots of life I have captured and looking forward to catching a few more.  Still working on completing the scavenger hunt.


I still hate this house.  I have given up on it.

This morning I checked on my dream stuff in hopes of inspiration, only to find that the dresser with the mirror on top is no longer available at IKEA, so it seems life has given up on the dream bedroom change too.  Whatever.

Its just a box.  A cage.  A place to do what I have to in the inbetween work shifts and meeting with people.  There is no love in these walls.  Still I am thankful to have what I have.  Its not a tent or box on a street or moving back in with the parents so for my own space I am grateful.

Could be worse, but it could be SOOOO much better.


Daily I am reminded how tough the work search is & I am so thankful that my own change in employment never led me to unemployment assistance or some of the other drastic things I hear others have had to do.

I wish I could help everyone connect with there own dreams.  Glad I am able to assist a few along the way.  Sure I see some of the horror stories and take the brunt of angst for those who are frustrated with their process.  Hoping that every day I can do something to help someone – be it the employees to find someone new to work with or the people seeking a new way to get by.

Also recognizing that it takes so much to get by living alone.

Hoping to add something new to the income stream, but working out the details and dreams.  Still enjoying working as a recruiter and catering server when I get the chance.  Fulfilling work indeed! Making dreams come true should be something everyone gets the chance to do.

I truly am lucky.


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