Deep Breaths and Nice Words

Sometimes I look at my world & feel pride that its unique and all mine.  Might not be what I want it to be, but its mine.  Others I wonder what the hell I am thinking!

Just finished about 15 minutes of doing laps around the house.  Exercise? Nope in my wacky world, its called chasing the new guy around the house & hoping he doesn’t crash into anything too hard.

No clue what to do with these wings outside a cage, but I will learn.

The good news is I no longer need to clean out those cobwebs at the very top of the kitchen.

One thing I really didn’t think about when rescuing this guy, is all the training and work that goes into teaching them.  Learning what areas are okay to perch, that they can trust, what is ok to chew, maybe even a few tricks like step up, words, etc.  LOTS of practice & patience.  We  will get there.  This is new territory for me.

When I got Bongo, he wasn’t hand tamed or trained to do anything other than run around the pet store cage.  The others I have fostered & adopted have all been second hand parrots that knew a few simple things like step up at the very least, even if they didn’t care too unless they felt like it.  Silly birds.  Still takes work to get them  to learn the house rules & sometimes break a few bad habits if we can.

Scary with such a small guy.

What if I do something wrong.  Then I become the person who is creating the bird with the issues instead of helping them.

Like Bijou’s vocabulary.  Not exactly one that would work in a house with a couple of kids, but I always have been able to truthfully say “he came knowing those words”.  No guilt.  Now I worry Bijou will teach baby Barris all his fabulous fancy f-words and others that would typically get a child kicked out of class for using.  How on earth to I keep them from teaching each other?

I honestly have no clue how people raise children.

Hats off to all you parents.  Not sure I am ever going to be up to that pressure.

…..but never say never.

At the moment, my hands are filled.

There are a few birds to get down for the night & pug that is going to have a breakdown if he doesn’t get in some snuggle time soon.

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