Happy Halloween to those here & beyond

Busy day (busy weekend) but hoping to catch up on post – want to describe my experience at the Panthers game yesterday & do a public service announcement (plea) that I was inspired to feel the need to do.  But today is Halloween (Samhain) and between time with family, festivities and travel, not sure much posting will be happening.

So just wanted to take a moment to say


Be safe & remember those who have passed before.  Without them, nothing would be what it is now.  Take a moment to wish them well & thank them.

Also realize that you are here now and matter.

What you do now, changes forever.  The choices you make (or decide not to make) influence the days head for yourself and others around you.  Just think how different life would be if Edison never chose to bring in the light? Or if your parents decided to be lazy instead of flirting with each other…

So live life.  Enjoy each moment.  Realize that there is light in the darkness and you are loved even from beyond.

Today, Tonight, whenever,… you might want to invite those who you wish were still here to dine with you.  Set an extra place at the table & listen.

Never know what you might learn!

Besides we are never really alone, now are we?  😉


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