Tonight I believe in manifestations.  Tonight I should be sleeping like the pugster beside me, but I’m still awake.

STUFFED after a dinner I helped cook in a kitchen big enough to fix things in (ahem unlike that one I have).  Marinated turkey, baked macaroni & cheese, corn souffle and potatoes (someone was craving carbs it seemed).  Followed by pumpkin ice cream and later chocolate & health toffee croissants I rolled while drinking a glass of Cupcake’s Red Velvet wine.  Seemed one of those nights that inspires memories.

I had no idea how memorable it was about to be.

Getting ready for bed (well..couch) & my sister came into the room followed by our parents.  Wanted me to make sure that I didn’t let her forget the tickets to the Panthers game tomorrow.  We got a few nosebleed seats cheap.  Might be top row of the stadium in section 525, but it was a live game & tailgating!

I grabbed the papers & stuck them with the bag I was moving my epi-pen & klonapin into to take to the game (they go everywhere with this girl! I am prepared even if I’m no girl scout.)  She just look at me.

Finally she asked if I even looked at the seats… well no.

When I did I thought I must be reading it wrong.  It took her pointing out that YES those were our tickets not joke ones…. FIFTH ROW SECTION 125!

EH WHAT?!? The Great Pumpkin came early with a surprise treat & of course they couldn’t pass up the chance for a lil Halloween trick.

On Halloween night, the Great Pumpkin rises from his pumpkin patch and flies through the air with his bag of toys to all the children.

Thank you Great Pumpkin.

It might be one of the coldest days to be there, but we are going to be there up close & personal.  Seeing each play  – well those on our end of the field anyway! 🙂  I can not wait!

Now what to wear & do I now take the good camera?

Ok I promise not to be one of those over think it chicks.  Stick with the plan, travel light & wear layers, but not so many I can’t get out of them to pee in a porta-potty tailgating if I need to!

Halloween… you are by far my favorite holiday in the year.

May be the first year I don’t have a costume all planned out, but I have plans and seems joyful surprises area all around me.  Grateful for Barris joining the flock, time with my family and now the Panthers game.

Oh & there is still time to carve the pumpkins.  Memories in the making to treasure forever.

Now I could kick myself for not bringing my blue hair dye or that glittery hat from new years in the Panthers’ colors.

Still going to be a GREAT Sunday!


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