Barris the Beaut


Yes there is a new lil one in my life.


At just four months old, he already can charm me more than any other new guy in my life.  Keeper for sure.  Those big baby eyes & the light baby bars on his noggin.  Just too adorable.  He already has started winking at me!  Love the lil one.  (not sure if its he or she, but who really cares! In a couple more months we will see the cere color & know, but for now whatever)

Found out this morning there was a budgie that needed a home (FYI male budgie in cage with female budgie & a nesting box, you get baby budgie!).  So I thought the timing isn’t great, but why not?

Normally I am all about quarantine, but this weekend it isn’t an option.  Trusting luck this time.  Only been around his/her parents, so hoping for the best.  No sickness.  Still going to keep in a separate cage til I know Bijou & Barris will play well together, but we are back to four birds.

Funny enough, I dropped by the pet store to get millet as a special treat for all the birds & to snag a spare water bottle, & the cashier asked what type of bird I had.  I said several, she asked how many & for the last time in a while , I said “three” & smiled knowing in another hour, I would need to say “four”.  Giddy!

The naming is always a challenge.

Tossed around a few names.  Settled on a couple then changed my mind.  Felt like when I met the new one, I would just know.

For some reason I didn’t.  Tried a few to see if there was a reaction & nothing.

Part of me wanted something spooky sounding since its Halloween/Samhain.  Maybe name it after a Panther since I’m going to the game this weekend?  Commemorate the weekend’s events in addition to the arrival.

Then driving I kept thinking “Barris”…. but why?  Didn’t mean much of anything to me.  So I noted it & went about the errands.   Got home & said hi to the crew & tried the new name.  He perked up!  …maybe!

Google search made it stick for sure  (I think!).  Seems Barris isn’t any original name after all.

Barris, as in George Barris, is a custom car king who seems to have designed some of my favorites especially growing up!

Seriously who doesn’t love Kitt, or wanted to hop roads in the General Lee?

Also I saw it was the name of a Jedi! A FEMALE JEDI!  Clone wars character, but still Star Wars!  Very cool again.

She even looks a little "witchy".... ha ha

Then I saw this quote & knew I liked this Jedi!

“It’s not the size of the Jedi or the amount of power running through her lightsaber, but the strength of her heart.” ―Barriss Offee

So I’m thinking Barris works, male/female.  Whatever.  This is one unique lil budgie & deserves the name.

Hallooo!  I’m in love again.




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