Reminders of the small minds in the small towns kill me.

At the risk of protecting the far from innocent, I will refrain from being blunt & saying exactly what I would like.  I will say that when I have been tested in the past, I WILL voice my opinion on your judgmental views and requests.  Only out of respect for a few people close to me do I shut up on this one.

I will say that the last time I checked there are things that are illegal in this country.  Things like discrimination.  Things that I will not stand for.

Some organizations think that they are in control & to some extent they are.  They are in control of the choices they make, but with that choice comes the consequences that come right along with them.

None of us are immune from the karma.

Even if you don’t believe.

Today I am going to see this as a chance to choose to maintain harmony and do what I think is right in a way we all can be happy about.  But inside I am raging with the fury of a savage beast.  Screaming the banshee wail.  Every muscle tense trying my hardest to refrain from wishing the worst, because I know that it comes back.  Ignorance is always out there and there will be times that its my calling to educate, but for right now all I can do is test myself.

So why is it so hard to play nice?

One of those nights I would like to just come home to someone who accepts me for me and knows right now a hug would be worth diamonds.


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