and we’re walking

Today was THE day… the Breast Cancer walk downtown!

Woke up at 6:30 am, saw how early it was and rolled right back over.  I set the alarm for an hour later… I could sleep some more.  But then at 8:15 I woke & realized I was LATE! Sort of. Hopped in the shower & did the mad dash.  Dress, feed everyone but me & high tail it to the walk… which started at 9 am!  Well according to the website.

Someone had pink hair, but not me! Didn't quite make my goal this time.

Made it with a few to spare, but since others were registering too, no big deal.  Got my sticker.  Got my shirt. ….waited.   Decided to walk back to the car to ditch the jack & slip on the new shirt.  Came back. Waited.  Still not having a clue the distance of this walk.  Waited.  Overheard a conversation beside me and learned the actual walk wouldn’t even start til 11 am!


So I decided to do my own walk.  For coffee.  First stop I found may other walkers who happened to have the same idea.  So I ventured a few more blocks.  I was there to walk, why not walk.

Thankfully I found my way to the bottom of a pumpkin pie latte!  While watching plenty of people and dogs walking by.

I turned it into a me day.  Vintage shopping, dealing with some emotions and even a lunch date.

So no real walking.  But I raised some money for the cause and raised my own spirits.

Been there, got the t-shirt.  Now I know.  Ask more questions regarding the actual timelines.

Now off to Boos & Booze, or Spirits & Spooks..  ha ha  drinking with the team!


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