Drive Safe To Stay Sane

Just a quick post at the end of the day…

Recently I have seen a couple of local news stories on pedestrians being struck and killed by cars.  I have nearly hit a deer, been attacked by a wayward hub cap rolling wildly down a 5 lane road and nearly was taken out by a semi.

Tonight someone dear to me was rear ended FOR THE SECOND TIME in like a month.  She is okay but insanity.  The person said he was paying attention, but thought that she had already gone….  obviously he discovered otherwise.

So many snafus in life can be avoided if people would pay attention.

Why do we think life outside the car is any different?

Instead of listening to our bodies we medicate and suffer through it.  Rather than deal with our discomfort in how our lives are going we get mad and blame everyone we can.  Sometimes we need to stop and really just look and listen.  Not try to judge, explain or validate.  Just observe.

Take time for ourselves.

Tonight I took care of myself.  I splurged on a good meal, nice looking but even better feeling new shoes and a bit of meditation.

Much better day over all (other than the accident scare & worry that she is going to be feeling awful tomorrow), but even better having honored myself and taken the time to deal with a few emotions and thoughts.

We have to take care of ourselves.

We can’t control the other drivers or the random things that happen to us, but we do control our actions and that can be the difference between life & death.


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