Your Own Worst Enemy

Some days I get to be proud of the work I do.  Some days I stress trying to get the pieces to fit together.  Some days I can’t wait to do it all again.  Then there are the days where I literally just want everyone to survive the day safe and sane.

Today was tough.  Emotionally draining and frankly more tense than it should have been, but when it comes to people’s livelihood, it gets personal.

I wish I had the wand to help others understand that their actions impact.  The anger that is released does damage to not only the ones its directed at, but also themselves.

Scary moments just make me glad for the good moments.  The calm times.  The mundane normal times.  Especially the joy and laughter.

Nothing beats being able to calm the soul and step back to see the big picture.  Sometimes things don’t happen like we had hoped or planned.  Sometimes there are better things behind the door, but if you lose your temper & storm off, you will never see what lies behind.  Even worse when you take down all the walls around destroying all that was.

I’m so glad most days are filled with people who are excited and optimistic.

Proud to have patience and the ability to listen to what is being said.

I know vague post, but I simply can’t state the things that happened today without divulging information that isn’t my story.

Just very grateful for my life.  Very grateful for co-workers who support each other and who are brave.  Thankful that I find compassion and bravery when I need it.  Thankful for all that is and that which didn’t happen.

Also really thankful for everyone who is kind enough to help out with the walk this weekend.  A special thank you to those who donate or share the link with others.

Maybe this walk will inspire me to start training again for a longer event.

But for tonight, I think its just going to be a few turns of the pages before some sleep.  Treasure every moment as if it were your last.  Love what you can while you can.  Enjoy the good moments and take deep breaths.  This will all pass.

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