To Tell the Tale…

They say time is a great story teller.

Its so hard to recognize the key players. Sure we know the main character and some of the supporting cast, family. But the rest? How to recognize the additions along the way?

Some arrive leave their marks and go about their own way. Some move in and out and teach us deeper understandings of life and ourselves. Others come and become side kicks along for the rest of the ride by our side.

Each of us has our own time lines and plots. Just so tough to figure out which is which.

Nothing is ever quite as its expected, no matter what powers we possess, there are always the curve balls life tosses our way. Disguises, smoke and mirrors or maybe they haven’t been able to revealed their true selves yet.

So while you may be listening for the growl of the engine coming to pick you up for the ride of your life, you just might hear the sound of the drum in the distance and wonder if you should venture into the uncharted territory to see what could be. Then again perhaps you just should stay on the coast and wait for rescue plane to whisk you away to another world. Either that or just start walking into the great wide open and keep the eyes open for who might be waiting a bit further off down the road.

Trick is knowing what choice to make without knowing the consequiences. You have to start writing your story…

That & reminding yourself that even if you hit the dead end, you are strong enough to pick yourself up and keep going. Unless you toss the rope into the sky, you will never be able to lasso your star & start the climb. Sitting there looking will never get you beyond the making wishes.

Still sometimes its just nice to escape into someone else’s tale.

Which is why I’m going to read tonight…


One thought on “To Tell the Tale…

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